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BEAM to transform into Cross-Border Business Search Engine.

To bridge opportunities for business across the region with machine learning.

Wallace Ho16 May, 2019

BEAM to transform into Cross-Border Business Search Engine.

With a vision to bridge opportunities for business across Asia more effectively, BEAM will be moving towards transforming into a cross-border business search & matching engine.

The goal behind this move is to save an enormous amount of time people are spending searching for solutions and connections they need for their businesses.

Results from BEAM's search engine for people looking for programmers.

Powered by machine learning, BEAM's search engine will automatically match users with the right people and business help they need in just a click/tap.

In addition to the above, the search engine will also display other results such as potential customers, upcoming events, career opportunities, and plenty of useful content such as tutorials, news, legal documents, and more. 

"It's unbelievable how much time is spent just trying to get help for business today. Imagine what our world would be like if we could save all that time. We believe technology could be used for good in this area, and we'll strive to push this through, starting with Malaysia.", mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAM

Changes across the platform are expected to take place starting this May, and will be fully rolled out across both mobile and desktop platforms by June.

Get Involved:

BEAM is closing a new financing round end of May and actively forming new partnerships with business service providers. Interested parties can get involved by dropping an email at

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